Dr. Robert Ordonez' medical career started while on a different life path from most. Born in New Mexico he came of age during a changing time in America. With a sense of duty he enlisted in the Navy and was sent to the other side of the world to serve his country during the Vietnam war.

     Trained as a corpsman he was attached to a Marine unit and saw duty on the front lines of the war. The experience provided a fundamental lesson in the commitment to serving others and left a deep impression on the young man.

     Returning to the United States he completed his college and medical school education and graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He opened his office in Lubbock in the early 1980s and has provided care to thousands of people across West Texas.

     Dr. Ordonez is committed to comprehensive care and excellence in medicine. Please look through the web site and if you have any questions please contact his office. He looks forward to meeting you and becoming your family doctor.

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