Robert Ordonez, M.D. was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His early life experience was shaped by simple surroundings and the importance of family, faith, and country. As a young man he enlisted in the Navy to serve his country during the Vietnam war and was assigned to a Marine unit as a Navy Corpsman. His tour of duty in Vietnam is recounted in his book One Soldier's Story published in 2001.

     Dr. Ordonez earned his undergraduate and medical school degrees from the University of New Mexico. He sought out additional experiences in surgery and internal medicine but it was the specialty of family practice that became his calling.

     In describing the "themes" of his practice Dr. Ordonez related the importance of very personal care with careful review and analysis to correctly diagnose and intervene for the health of his patients. The doctor-patient relationship is seen as a unique relationship in which rapport is built that goes beyond a friendship with a strict confidence and trust. Although the term is sometimes misunderstood and overused he cited the approach to the whole person and the need to have an understanding of them as a physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

     In 2005 he and his wife Gloria celebrated their 34 year together. They have three sons who have each distinguished themselves in their respective fields. Dr. Ordonez has served his profession in many leadership positions including being the Medical Director of the Lubbock Independent School District. He has been the Scout Master for the troop his son's were in and he has been an Elder of his church for many years.

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